Pigs On The Run




A family of escaped Pigs have been giving residents the runaround in Sigglesthorne.

The slippery porkers have become local celebrities after a succession of escapes.

But this morning police were called in amid concerns the pigs were straying close to a major road.

Officers called in pig farmer John Hepworth and local resident Jonathan Davies to catch the runaways – a sow and five piglets – but it was easier said than done.

Said Mr Davies: “We set off at 11am to find them and it was 1.45pm by the time we had caught them; we were chasing them for the best part of two hours.

“Personally I have no experience of pigs so I just followed the instructions of a local farmer. It was a nightmare.

“The sow followed one of the piglets into the trailer but the other four were much tougher to catch.”

The cheeky swines have been a source of amusement to villagers but with harvest season coming, it was feared the animals could stray into the path of tractors that operate in the area.

Mr Davies said: “As I understand it this has been an ongoing problem as the owners let them roam around freely.”

Sam Cooper, 27, a mechanic at the nearby Bill Dodds garage said: “They have been making a mess by the main road on the grass verges.

“It is the first time I have seen animals on the loose. People in the area tend to be quite good at keeping their animals secure.”

It is believed the pigs have been roaming around Sigglesthorne for several months. Police said they were aware of the identity of the owners.




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