Poultry farmers are struggling more than ever before to make decent returns for their efforts. Many of today’s best poultry farms are micro-managed and there are numerous challenges involved to ensure successful shed management.

The issues facing poultry professionals include calculating the volume of broiler birds per crop, very narrow margins per kg/bird, lighting control, constant water supply, treatment and dosing systems, feeding systems and climate control.

What is clear is the need for a healthy and conducive environment in which birds can thrive and fulfil the best possible margin.

A heating system is required to produce constant temperatures, which in turn allow good air exchange rates inside the building. Biomass, gas, electric, air exchange pumps, heat exchangers and radiant or steam/ hot water/fan systems are the main provisions.

Every hour that a bird is ill or not eating, results in poor performance which impacts on end of crop profits. Ensuring a good environment and good healthy stock can significantly reduce lost time, growth, productivity and profitability.


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